By MelanieMay

"I wish that I was a wrestler A Mexican wrestler"

Tonight I went to a lucha libre Mexican wrestling match by myself. I navagated the mean streets, in the dodgy part, of Mexico City and I managed to bargain myself a ticket in for €8.50. I got a wicked seat in with all the locals and it was such a fun time. People of all ages were there and loads of people were dressed up like this little guy. When I was travelling before I don't think I would have gone to something like this by myself as I would have been a little self conscious but that has completely changed now. Another thing that changed is that I'm spending money. When travelling before I survived on so little money a day in order to travel for longer but tonight I bought a mask and three t-shirts. Another change in me, I'm chatting to guys! I never use to do this but my confidence levels are going up again and as a result a very cute Californian chatted with me for the whole night and even took my photo for keepd! He then asked me for a drink after the match. Back to my usual self I declined as didn't want to lead him on but he was such a gent and gave me his business card, hello Chris in Apple! and asked me to meet him on Monday. Watch this space!

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