By togrrrl

Metaphorically Blipping

I'm finding that blipping brings out the metaphorical side of me. The images I choose usually convey for me an idea or a feeling about my day. It's not just an image anymore. It's a word or a poem or an emotion captured in pixels.

I am so surprised by this! And I think I like it. It feels like growth. It's a way to express myself publicly, but anonymously.

Now...maybe if I lived in a beautiful place, surrounded by glorious nature and colour I could simply record my surroundings and be content. But that's not to be. Somedays I have to work hard to find beauty in my surroundings. Sigh.

So what does this image mean to me?

Today was the day of my annual performance review at work. And I am at a crossroads at work. This year for some strange reason, I threw myself into it. I cared. It became personal. And it isn't paying off in ways that matter to me. Although they praise me for "creativity" and "innovation" (so unusual in my line of work), they are shutting down all of the avenues for creativity through beaurocracy, measurement and a culture of blame.

My boss and I sat and talked about our dissatisfaction, lack of options and how it was time to start looking around for other opportunities.

So will I or won't I? I think I should go exploring but it's scary. Comfort is comforting, no matter how uncomfortable.

It would be easier if life was black and white instead of shades of gray.

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