By Bob20

Lower Antelope Canyon

Firstly, thank you for the hundreds of views, stars & favourites for yesterday’s blip of Monument valley. I thought it may have made the spotlight, but never mind, I’m sure the guys in charge have it all under control. It’s your opinion that matters to me but I will confess to being a tad disappointed it didn’t have the legs to get there.

A mixed day today. This morning we went rafting on the Coorado river, it was great fun and this afternoon we had arranged helicopter trip to take us out for the afternoon. However, at the last minute, the helicopter company cancelled this. At least we received a full refund s and as a gesture of goodwill, they also paid for our rafting this morning. I can’t fault the service here in USA.

We then made a mad dash to the Lower Antelope Canyon as it closes at 4pm. We are going to the Upper Antelope Canyon tomorrow.

In these very narrow canyons, late afternoon isn’t the best time as the sun is much lower in the sky. However, we were quite fortunate to capture some good shots.

This one appealed to me as it looks as though the place is on fire, and I can assure you it felt like it was!

A few more shots here:

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

I do hope you enjoy seeing this blip. It was tricky without a tripod (not allowed today) neither was a photographer’s pass. So all my shots were hand held at very high ISO.

Thanks once again.

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