By Bob20

Upper Antelope Canyon

Our real holiday is nearly over. I should like to sincerely thank everyone who has commented or viewed my journal for helping to make this a very memorable holiday. Having Blip to look forward to after some very long days of hiking, photo shots and tours, it was great to relax in the evenings when we had the Internet and browse through the very many comments you took the trouble to write. Thank you so much.

My only regret is that I have not had time to reply to very many or even view a journal, but rest assured, every single comment has been read, often laughed about and shared with anyone who cared to listen to me read them out. i.e Mrs. Bob!

Today we started with a trip to the Upper Antelope Canyon. Yesterday’s blip was from the lower one.

When I’m on holiday, I do not regard myself as a tourist☺ Of course everyone else I come across on these jaunts is!! Today, the narrow slot canyon was stuffed full of b****y tourists! Every single one of them was determined in my mind to wreck any photo opportunity I found☺. Thoughtful photography was unfortunately not possible, it really was point and shoot and hope.

This particular slot canyon is known for it’s beams of light, if you are lucky enough to go at the right time of day and the sun is shining.

With a bit of streetwise language, pushing, shoving and the help of our guide, I was quite surprised that I achieved quite a few half decent shots. Choosing one to blip has been difficult.

Please excuse the lack of processing; this is one of a bracketed sequence. I have just driven from the canyon 275 miles for our first stop on the way back to San Francisco and to be honest, I’m knackered.

I do hope you enjoy it and I will put a few more on my website if anyone would like to see them.

Upper Antelope Canyon

Many thanks again.

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