A slice of Lesley's life

By Lesley

Jam side up

One of those days that could have gone either way.

Anna had another bad night and we decided that for peace of mind if nothing else we should get her checked out. Various searches and phone calls later and we located a walk-in centre we could go to. J understandably but inconveniently wasn't wild at the prospect of spending a morning of his holiday in a health centre. And taking the wrong direction on the motorway didn't enhance the prospects much either.

However, by the power of Google we found a centre in the new direction we were travelling which was handily located next to a massive park. So Anna got checked out (all fine, hurrah) and me and J got soaking wet playing frisbee but it did at least make him smile.

Drive to Canterbury, shop for dry clothes, lunch, time for a quick once around the Cathedral before heading to The Canterbury Tales. Apparently this is normally an audio tour with headsets and the like but fortunately for us this week they are trialling live telling of the tales. It was fantastic. We were all completely gripped and entertained and it has made me very happy that the kids first introduction to Chaucer and the Tales has been so positive. The photos in the dingy caves weren't great but I wanted to use this one of Jackson having his shaken at length by the Miller before he told his (rather rude) tale.

Back to the cottage for dinner and an evening with Britian's Got Talent and some more reading of my excellent book (The Circle).

At about 9.30am I probably would have you given you even money on this grey, drizzly day that involved a lot of driving and a trip of indeterminate length to a health centre being a jam side down day. I am so relieved to report it wasn't.

Tomorrow involves a trip to Dickensworld; it feels pushing my luck to hope it will be as good.

Lesley x

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