By MelanieMay

"There'll be swingin' swayin', and records playin"

Sunday night in central Mexico City and I stumble across this plaza filled with people laughing, singing, clapping & cheering and as I get closer I can see they are all dancing with each other. Proper hold you tight, swing you around, twirl you under and sweep you off your feet dancing. Yes yes I find dancing very sexy and a huge turn on in a guy. Any guy who can whip me around the dancefloor without it being an s & m game scores top marks with me. Watching everyone here having so much fun was such a good feeling and experience for me to enjoy. I was dying for someone to grab me by the waist, my ever expanding waist at that, and start dancing with me, but alas, this didn't happen. If this was Colombia or Venezuela I would have been in the centre of that group with some hot hombre gyrating up against me but the Mexicans I encountered seemed a little more reserved or maybe just not as taken with gringas as the South Americans were, either way I was gutted I didn't get a dance, really really disappointed as it looked like such a good time and because I love to dance so much. So, new goal, to dust off my tango shoes and go back to dance classes when I get back to ireland. This makes me happy.

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