By MelanieMay

"Forget everything and remember"

Fear. It's crippling. I truly believe it is the one thing that stops people from living their best life. When you look at all the excuses given for not doing things the main emotion or reason behind them is usually fear. I am not fearless but I have spent years trying to master my fear and turn it into courage. Mark Twain is supposed to have said "courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear". This is the only adage I try to live my life by. I use to get a kick out of people telling me I was brave for all the things I do but now it just annoys me when they say I could/ would never do what you do. I am doing nothing but living my best life. There is nothing brave in that. This photo was taken late at night as I walked around Mexico City alone. If I had listened to others or been afraid I would have been hiding out in my boring hotel room or probably not have gone to Mexico City in the first place. What a waste! Mexico City is sensational. Travelling alone is not scary it is liberating. Stoping to take a photo on the deserted streets is not brave it is just something I wanted to do. Dublin is scarier. I am more fearful in Dublin than I have been anywhere else in the world. So if you want to take off and go travelling alone my only advice is do it sooner rather than later because you may never get around to it if you let fear keep putting you off.

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