RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography


I have been watching a number of online photo training courses since just about every one of our out of town friends have left (and we take the last couple to the airport Friday). Today's rainy morning allowed me to try a technique I saw last week where you combine a couple of photos, one shot at a high shutter speed for sharpness and the other shot a lower shutter speed for motion blur, into one photo that combines the best of both. The heavy overcast meant I could select a shutter speed of 1/10" for the rushing waves, but the sand and rock were far from sharp. I captured them, in mostly the same spot, at 1/60" and then combined the two images. The wave had totally hidden the rock, but through this technique I was able to bring out the face of the rock and show what was causing the uprising of water in the overall shot. More experimentation needed, but lots of possibilities for the future.

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