such, such were the joys.

By Chaps100

Lazy Day.

First semi proper day of revision today. Of course, interspersed with Roland Garros. Actually, that should probably be the other way round.

The Fognini match was the best though. I love Fognini. But not as much as Federer.

The Murray game was also rather good - it's always fun when play gets suspended. I'm not the biggest fan of Murray though; he's far too moody and static. But the stuff they played was fantastic, so if he wins, good for him. But I'd rather Kohlschreiber did.

We went down to Littlehampton beach this afternoon, which made a nice break from all of the procrastination. This is just a blip of some of those silly tickets that you win on machines instead of money; my Dad won them, not realising. I won a few pounds, but we ended up changing all of our winnings into two pence pieces and wasting them on the tupney nudgers. I don't actually know if they're called that or whether it's just one of my Dad's things. But it's a lot catchier than two pence game machine. I also got an ice-cream which was nice, but it was a bit too cold for it to feel like summer.

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