Baby bath time.

First up folks, thank you all so much for your kind comments, stars and hearts which put my last two Blips into the Spotlight - I have never had two at the same time!

I went back into the park at dawn this morning in the hope of finding the little fawn. I did see him/her from a distance, but the weather turned a bit nasty, and I came home with a wet bum ( from sitting on my wet bike!) and no images of note. So, I went back later in the morning and am so glad I did! I'm not sure that this is the same fawn, I think this little one is not so new, hence a little bigger. There were deer everywhere, and a whole herd went into the Heron Pond, including the fawn. I had a great time!
I know that most of you are really busy, but you might like to take a quick peek at the rest.. You can see the fawn suckling, and swimming!

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