Although it is not my birthday until tomorrow, circumstances conspired that M and I took a day off to have an indulgent wander today. Normally we go to the Isle of May sometime around this date, but time and tide wait for no man.
Instead, we explored a couple of East Lothian places which we had always planned to visit and hadn't managed before.
Well worth it. Thank you, zoetje, for a great day.
This view of the Bass Rock is one I've never had before. Each of the white dots is a gannet. Please look at it large.

Sadly, when we got home it was to find news that M's sister Clare had passed away this morning. I was always fond of her; she had had a very difficult life, for various reasons, and hadn't managed to come through it without some deep wounds, but still there survived in her a certain roguish sense of humour. We got on well and I'll miss catching her eye in the middle of a conversation when she'd just made a subtle, sarcastic joke.
Don't get cigarette burns on your harp, Lucy.

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