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Radio Ga Ga

Bit of an overcast day today. Didn't take many photographs.

It gave me a chance to study the Book which I won as a prize this week. Can't remember much about the competition but it was a photo magazine and I think it was more a luck of the draw type thing rather than any skill involved.

The Book is called 'A Village Lost and Found' by Brian May and Elena Vidal. It is beautifully bound in a slip case which as well as the book contains the 'OWL' (invented by Brian) Stereoscopic Viewer. My copy is autographed by the authors.

In case you are wondering the answer is yes, its Brian May of Queen. In addition to Music he is very passionate about both Astronomy and Photography. I read recently that he actually has more cameras than guitars.

Anyway I won?t bore you with the details of the fabulous book but if you are interested you can find out more here and here.

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