Keith B

By keibr

Students - but only for a few more minutes!

Today was a ceremony marking the point at which students cease to be students, when their program of studies is finally concluded.
My unit has the job of planning and coordinating the ceremony on each campus. The job is a mixed blessing; getting it all together takes an inordinate amount of time and usually causes a fair bit of frustration along the way. However, once it's over I get a very positive glow of pleasure over a job well done.
This years challenges were trying a new hall when so many signed up that our previous hall was too small. One of the speakers (student union) was sick so I had to improvise the speech he might have given if he'd been well!
The now ex-students seemed to have a good time, as did the friends and family who had supported and helped them through the three or four years of studies and were now there on the big day. Even the weather cooperated, misty in the morning and thundery in the late afternoon but perfect just before and after the ceremony.
A lot of photographs were taken!! Here is my contribution...

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