Tutto bene

By Blackdrake

Who's the Daddy?

Daddy swan being protective, Mum and cygnets were just a few feet away at the edge of the loch. This wee woolly dog was just moseying past, not really going near but he was taking no chances! So as we say up here the wee dug was most certainly TELT! Shame it's a bit blurry, quick phone blip.

Sport's Day was a gloriously sunny affair, Elise's house lost, but have won the last 4 years so no biggie! We then skipped gymnastics to get ice cream and walk around the local loch. It was lovely, so many yellow water Lilies.
And of course, I got my Amber girl back. She had an ok time away, not amazing. I'm glad she's home even with the hundreds of smelly, muddy, wet laundry!

And lastly...hubby's birthday was today. I've not been very organised but managed to find him some rather special Whisky, from a distillery next to where we used to live. It's closed now, so there's not many bottles around. He was very pleased. And although I'm more of a bourbon than whisky person, it is not too bad.

Ciao, happy weekend all :-)

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