Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


G & I have watched - almost in awe, the special ceremony held on Sword Beach in Normandy to mark the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. 6.6.44 - now there's a date to remember. Couldn't get over how well the Queen still looks (and didn't she stand out in her green dress) and all those veterans who got themselves there; one even gone AWOL smuggled out of a care home in Sussex!

But for SweetArt, my elder sister and me, we have marked another anniversary as on 6.6.94 our mum left us finally being released from the awful pain she was in. In retrospect, the world would have been marking the 50th anniversary of D-Day that year, but I was totally oblivious to it all. I remember the Rwandan genocide being reported on TV and how horrific that was. My cousin (who visited recently) brought with her a treasure of old photographs, so I decided today is a good to day to finally share some.

So here is my Mum mainly in her 20s but there are also a couple of pictures of her as a teenager. At 16, she travelled from Calcutta to the UK, to an international Salvation Army Rally. She represented North Eastern India! I think she stayed a few months and went all the way up to Scotland. Then travelled back all on her own on a ship from Southampton. [G has mentioned this journey too so I wonder if they were on the same boat!!] It was the time of the Suez crisis so the voyage was much longer as she had to go round the Cape of Good Hope.

There are various other pictures - a few with my Dad; a wedding one even. The one at the bottom is with my Dad's sister. I am always amazed at how ladies from that era looked like a million dollars so glamorous in pictures!!

Got to church today and then had to shop for a graduation gift. G has been invited to a party at the Atlantis Hotel tonight, so she is off there and I have been home alone! :)  Haven't wrecked the place yet! I did have a play with the X20 and am really pleased with it.

PS. Large is GOOD!

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