Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

First Berlin beer

Our flight to Berlin was at 9:15, so it was an early start leaving home. The taxi driver got an info alert about a serious traffic accident near the airport, which forced him to take a different route and made things tighter than planned. We missed out on Ryanair's first-90 rule and had to wave goodbye to our carry-on bag as it joined those banished to the hold. The cabin crew were really good, to be fair, a happy bunch who made the flight more enjoyable than usual. Indeed, the only downside to the trip was the length of time it took to get in to the city. I'm sure it shouldn't take two hours, but confusion at the Zoo U-bahn station when looking for the U2 line made the journey a bit frustrating.

As usual, we were doing the Airbnb thing, staying in a rental apartment near Nollendorfplatz. We checked in without incident, unpacked, and headed out for lunch and a beer. We met up with other members of the music group later on, spent some time with them, and then got sucked into a bit of a pub crawl afterwards.

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