Catherine Lacey: BoyStory

By catherinelacey

CWC Fights Back

First off, a huge happy 50th birthday to my brother Joe. What a great brother he's always been, with fond memories I have of him reading bedtime stories, ones he'd make up in his head on the spot. He's still a accomplished writer and story teller 40 years on. Just so proud to call him my brother.

In other news, today we stormed the LAUSD board meeting with our protest after our KTLA TV interview last night KTLA news interview.

Yes, that's the one and only Reuben.

After starting in this queue for a few hours, only 30 of the 160 who'd turned up were finally let in. And those who were scheduled to speak finally had their voices heard 7hrs later. To be continued...

And if you're on Facebook, here's the link to some favs from our protest.

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