Catherine Lacey: BoyStory

By catherinelacey

Let it never be said

And what is it that I'm trying to say?

I guess I'm reflecting on judgements made and successes proven which have long overshadowed them. I'm reflecting on his first year of mainstream education being complete and him rising to Grade 2. I'm reflecting on him spending some time this weekend surmounting his rising grade's challenges in maths already, those chosen at random from the middle of the new book. He's at a loving to learn stage and if I make a game of it, we can be there for quite some time.

I spent a delightful morning just with Reuben after dropping Callum off at preschool. We stopped for a few shots at this location that I pass daily. The project will get there one day.

And then we went swimming for $1 Splash Monday at the Annenberg Beach House. Wouldn't you know it? They had the TV crew from Channel 52 capturing a few of the guests swimming in the pool. This must surely be LA LA Land I'm living in because I've been on 3 different TV channels in the last 3 weeks and Reuben's made it a round two.

He's swimming so beautifully now, that is, until he forgets himself and needs reminding that he can't hang out at the bottom of the pool indefinitely. It's utterly thrilling for me to see him succeed in this way.

Kristina picked up Callum and they joined us in the pool, the boys having little swimming races to the side. What a joy it is to see that, right?

Today felt a little like the days of old when we would be continually driving across town for school, hospital appointments and therapies and by "across town", I mean an hour on the freeway from one to the next. That's LA I guess. And except this time included the fun parts like swimming.

From them, a huge jaunt across town to the hospital for an audiogram for Reuben's hearing. His current aid buzzes anytime you speak to him which is not so effective and has Sellotape holding the battery door together. Ditto. All's good on the hearing. Sitting beside him, I watched as he so patiently responded to the benign requests to take blocks out of a box and pile them up hearing sounds of differing frequencies and volumes. I can't remember the number of tests now he's had over 7 years, but I estimate 2 a year and he's 7.

I'd say, a pretty great day!

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