That seat is not for feet

The snow had cleared completely from around Carl's place and the streets and pavements were totally clear. Yesterday's rise in temperature continued this morning, so my wait for the take-me-home DART wasn't at all shivery. The journey took longer than usual because the train waited at every stop before moving off again, and we had an even longer delay at Connolly waiting for the Enterprise to come in from Belfast. Fortunately this passenger got off a good few stops before I did. I was looking daggers at him all the time, and had promised myself that I'd make a parting comment to him about the fact that he had his foot on the opposite seat all the time. It's a small thing, perhaps, but it bugs the hell out of me.

I was struck by a fit of laziness when I reached Clontarf Road, and decided to get a bus home from there rather than walk. Dublin Bus don't exactly make it easy for passengers to travel up the Malahide Road when they get off the DART at Clontarf Road, however, and I had to walk against myself, as far as Fairview, before I found the appropriate bus stop. Luckily, the rain shower which began when I got off the DART (yes, rain!) didn't last too long, so the wait for the bus wasn't too uncomfortable. What was uncomfortable, though, was the condition of the pavements. I almost came a cropper several times, first in the DART car park, and then even more scarily along the pavements close to home. The roads were pretty much clear, and traffic was moving normally, but it was a different story for pedestrians, much more treacherous under foot than when the snow had been there.

I got home eventually and still in one piece despite several scary slippy moments. The rest of the day was spent much more lazily than it should have been.


I've back-blipped yesterday.

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