Windows in Time

By ColourWeaver

A Shimmering Ryde

I had, had a day at the Abbey, resting, praying, and thinking about doing some art work. Completed numerous multimedia painting, but not actually put paint to canvas yet. Anyway, I not been for much of a walk today, because it had been too hot to really be comfortable to do anything, other than listen to the Pop Festival as the sound bounced off the Abbey’s brickwork. Wightlink no doubt have done very well out of the deal, being the only Ferry Company serving the Island. 63,000 people is expected this year for this festival that has been going now for 32 years! The Island population is around 120,000, so half as much again for three days.

As I arrived at the Transport Hub of Ryde,I noticed that it was another calm night and barely a ripple on the sea. with the shimmering lights and a moving Hoover Craft just landing, it seemed to sum up the day of quite laziness, while others were at work...

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