By todayoutof10

Let there be light..

I returned to yoga this evening, under the instruction of a guy I know of old. He's a former boxer who trained in the gym where I worked.

Boxing is a hard, fiercely competitive activity and some might wonder how that kind of person would translate as a zen master. The answer is - with grace, intention and ease.

I'd had a busy day, was running late and made the start of the class by the skin of my teeth. Hearing his voice and breathing deeply, quickly I began to feel balanced and grounded.

He is a wonderful teacher, a pleasure to be around and I'm reminded the practice of yoga has been missing from my life for too long.

I was drawn to the beautiful cranes, a remnant from days of shipbuilding and the fading light streaming through the evening sky as I drove home.

All at once, I see the light.

Todayoutof0? An illuminating 9.2 ❤️

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