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By nzredhead

Ghostly Piano

Took Mash out this afternoon after two days trapped inside with a case of the dreaded icks. One of my closest friends is lucky enough to have access to a beautiful historic CHCH building which is often used for photography projects. It is an incredible site with an incredible history, though it has sadly fallen into disrepair.

Sebastian however loves the place. He loves exploring and has no fear, which bodes well for the future :(

This is a very old, very out of tune piano, which has repeatedly caught his attention. He loves music and thought he would try jamming out... Though, I get the feeling it being out of tune bugged him more than he'd care to admit.

I'm exhausted and cranky. Very little sleep over the last few weeks is finally catching up with me and my patience is at an all time low. I know I should be in bed as I write this, but I have so much work to do :(

Long couple of a weeks ahead.

(SALTY came HOME!!! She is looking a little skinny, but seems to be very happy to see me. I have a new shadow, putting my total up to 3!)

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