1 Day Older

By nzredhead

Salty Came Home!

2 weeks missing. I had lost hope. No sign of her at the neighbours, no sign of her up the street. Living on a main truck line, nearly a railway, I assumed the worst. Then last night, as I was typing the description for yesterday's blip, my little Madam started scratching at my door. No sign of where she has been or what she has been doing. All I know is that she is a little skinny and very very over protective of me right now lol She is a fine looking domestic long hair torti 14 years in age :D

Rough day. Poor Mashy spent the day at home with what I think has to be a chest infection. Has a doctors appointment tomorrow. He really needs to be all clear because in 2 weeks he is off for surgery >.<

I feel like I am forever running around like a headless chook. 15 days until Charlie gets home, and then I can chill. I hope. HINT CHARLIE HINT.

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