By sp33dway


Tonight was my first run after getting home from our holiday last week and it felt a bit nigglestitchey on the left side of my ribs, but my new EVOs were great and it quickly passed. The new sole design is very cleverly done because they are a lot grippier than my old pair and feel thicker and thinner in the right places, so I can still feel stoney things easily and changes in the groundsurface but my feet don't seem to land on the toes of my feet quite so much, instead landing more naturally on the flatter ball of my foot which is great. I'm looking forward to taking them for my first 10+ miler at the weekend to see if the new design stands up to the claims that they are better for longer distances though.

I also tried on the toesocks today that I was kindly given free by the place I bought my fivefingers from and they felt absolutely awesome - a lot better on first impressions than many of the others I've tried, although the proper test will be how well they wash after a few uses.

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