My temporary lady of leisure status gives me opportunities to do lunches. Today I met up with two lovely fellow blippers: Paladian and Rower, who live on the other side of town but were happy to accommodate us and came to see Laura and I in my local cafe. Very unexpectedly they came bearing gifts: dvds about bread making with Paul Hollywood and the cutest knitted mouse. The mouse is for Laura of course, but I might keep it for myself and just lend it to the little one. Do not worry, the mouse will feature on the blip very soon.

I only had Herman the German (sourdough) Friendship Cake (not really cake, just some slimy dough) for them. I hope it survives and produces a lovely cake in 10 days. We liked ours so much, that I have kept part of that sourdough starter for later use. The challenge is though to start a savory sourdough and make some proper bread. All I need to do is to watch the dvds and put on my baker's hat.

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