Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS

Trains 'n' Planes

Or, to be more accurate, a train and a plane.

I am due to be leading a Ramblers walk next week and went out to do the recce on Thursday. So glad the weather is still fine, as this could be an unpleasant walk in places if there's any significant rain. Hope it's still dry next week! The problem is that there is a short stretch of the walk (maybe at most a mile) where the path is narrow with long grass, nettles and thistles at either side. Would not be fun tramping through that lot in the rain.

Either way, part of the walk - indeed that part of the walk as it happens - is along the River Almond to the east of Kirkliston, and runs parallel with, and close to, one of the runways at Edinburgh Airport.

I spent a good part of that stretch of the walk enjoying the wild flowers, the butterflies and the sounds of the numerous birds, but also being fascinated by the frequent take-offs and landings at the nearby airport. Was lucky enough to catch a plane coming into land just as a train was about to cross the railway bridge I had walked under a few minutes before. Simple pleasures!

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