Peppy poppy

The sweep came to sweep the chimney this afternoon, but as we weren't quite sure when we had to make our plans dynamic today, which meant not using the train for work. I had a few extra minutes in the morning to take a picture of the poppies in the morning sun.

In the end I went home at the normal time. On the way home I bought a new wrist watch, though I like my current Lorus watch it's a bit military looking so I wanted something a bit more formal. I got a nice titanium cased Seiko solar-quartz job. There are very few watches to choose for me as I have a small wrist and the current fashion for large cases makes them look like dinner plates on my arm - plus I also hate anything that flaps around. It may not be quite what I want it to look like but it doesn't loop stupid on me so I'm happy.

On arriving home I took a few more pictures of the poppies - they had lost their petals, but the one from the morning was the best.

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