The Lozarithm Lens

By Lozarithm

Smokey 1739 hr

Smokey on the driveway.

21.6.2014 (2125 hr)

Blip #1301
Consecutive Blip #163
Day #1540
Smokey #232

Lens: 35 mm Macro

Smokey series

Tuesday 10 June 2014: The Old Forge (posted 21.6.2014)
Wednesday 11 June 2014: The Old Forge (posted 21.6.2014)

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Nick Lowe - I'm Changing All Those Changes (2011)
From a tribute album dedicated to Buddy Holly by various artists. The song was recorded by Buddy in Nashville on 22 July 1956 with the Three Tunes before he became famous, but was only put out in 1958 on an album to cash in on his success with another label. It's an overlooked song to which Nick Lowe gives a suitably rockabilly treatment.

One year ago: Bowood 2013 #14: The Rhododendron Walks

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