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Lackham College Grounds

I am always one for a back road where possible and had recently discovered an escape from the Chippenham - Melksham road which took me through fields and beside the River Avon, past Lackham College of Agriculture, and emerged in the picturesque hamlet of Reybridge, near Lacock.

I drove along it after I had been to the opticians in Chippenham for an eye test to replace my lost spectacles, and was looking for somewhere to pull over to learn more about settings on my new Lumix 100, in particular to try to eliminate the blue cast I was getting. I stopped at Plucking Grove overlooking this field of cows, who belong to Great Notton Farm, Home Farm or possibly the college itself.

I made some progress with white balance adjustments, but this image had to be corrected in post processing, though I think I have subsequently fixed the problem.

23.6.2015 (1552 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Petra Haden - I Can See For Miles (2005)
Petra Haden's father is jazz bassist Charlie Haden and she performs in the Haden Triplets (the other musicians being sisters Rachel and Tanya).
This comes from Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out, an a cappella interpretation of the Who's album on which she sings all the parts, and about which its composer Pete Townshend wrote, "I was a little embarrassed to realize I was enjoying my own music so much, for in a way it was like hearing it for the first time. What Petra does with her voice, which is not so easy to do, is challenge the entire rock framework ... When she does depart from the original music she does it purely to bring a little piece of herself - and when she appears she is so very welcome. I felt like I'd received something better than a Grammy."

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