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By rsdphotography

Fan Support

A final opportunity to get some gear prior to a most important match in the Copa Mundial. I held off purchasing, not wanting to commit in case Mexico failed to play up to its potential, but needn't have worried as they came through in the second half. In fact, both our teams in Group A (our daughter is currently doing an internship in Brazil, so we have to root for the home team) did what they had to do to advance - though Mexico is now set to face the very tough Netherlands team. No matter, they are through and now we wait patiently for the U.S.A./Germany match to see if we will be cheering for another team as well in the round of sixteen.

There are many of these street side stalls leading up to Independence Day in Mexico, 16 September, but this is the first time I have seen one the middle of June. Nothing like competing in the biggest sporting event in the world to bring out national pride (and entrepreneurial spirit in the local populace). I suspect there will be more leading up to Sunday's match. I hope at least one has a small.

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