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Max And Monty On Lacock High Street

Throughout these summer weeks, the Wadworth Shire Horses are out on shows every Saturday. Although I had seen them only the previous week in Chippenham, I couldn't really pass up the chance to see them again when they were so close to home, in Lacock.

They visited two Wadworth inns in Lacock, spending their first hour at the Red Lion and the second at the George. I had plenty of opportunity to handle them, talk to their keepers and photograph them, and also nipped off for a quick lunch at King John's Hunting Lodge nearby in Church Street.

I returned in good time to catch them processioning handsomely along the High Street from one pub to the other, with the driver Martin on the dray.

25.6.2014 (1414 hr)

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The Wadworth Shire Horses At Lacock, 14 May 2014 (Flickr album)

Lens: Sigma 70-300 mm

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Lulu - Here Comes The Night (recorded October 1964)
Although this song is always associated with Van Morrison, who regularly performs the song in his set and first recorded it with Them in October 1964, his was not the originally released version. Bert Berns wrote the song and produced it in London both with Lulu and Them while both were with Decca. Lulu's version was rush released in November 1964 but stalled at number 50 in the charts. Back in the US he produced a slightly modified version of the song for the Exciters (There They Go) in 1965.
Them's version had been recorded at the same sessions that produced their first single, Baby Please Don't Go and Gloria, and had been intended as the follow-up, but to their disappointment, because of Lulu's single, it was held over until March 1965. Jimmy Page was a session musician at the time and played on both Lulu and Them's versions. It is unclear as to exactly which was recorded first. Lulu's arrangement is more of a ballad whilst Them's has a harder sound and arrangement.

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