Elmore and his Gantry

Good Lord it was ten to twelve and I realised I hadn't done a blip! Well, certainly nothing that could be published without much cropping. What about the whisky gantry in the Diggers?
I did a fair bit today, but my attempt to move the boat insurance over to Saga (50 squidders less - a decent malt!) came a bit unstuck. Firstly, they made great play of stating that there would be no push button menus - I'd go straight through and talk to a real person. Dammit!! I wanted push effin buttons!
Anyway I got so far and then the real person asked if I could supply a full surveyor's report as requested on page VII, para whatever. Eh? What? Do you think I've read this bloody stuff? I'm an old bloke! I thought this was saga-land, you mean bstrds.
Anyway, that was earlier. Which brings me neatly to today's blip.....

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