Everyday Life

By Julez

Black headed gulls

Today I have just pottered about and done nothing much. But I have spent more time with Jae than I normally get to. Being an almost-17 year old boy, hanging out with his Mum isn't normally very high on his to-do list. But today we have sat together and ate lunch, and I watched some gaming videos from You Tube with him, and also watched him play a PS4 game. He has gone off to his mate's house now to play games there of course!

So I watched some episodes of Penny Dreadful from my Sky+, which is rather full at the moment due to us getting very little non-sporting programmes watched at the moment!

I was idly wondering what to do about a Blip when I noticed half a dozen black headed gulls circling outside. Soon there were at least a dozen if not more, winging and wheeling around the rooftops, occasionally flying lower along the street, or settling on the opposite neighbours' roof. I nipped out with my camera and took a few shots.I chose this one, as one gull is about to soar away again, rather than them all just sitting there!

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