No Gus . . .

. . . but lots of the most beautiful photographs, most of which some of you will recognise immediately.

Well-known blipper gladders is holding an exhibition in Arnside, as part of the Silverdale and Arnside Art and Craft Trail. I knew there was a group of blippers coming over by train from Yorkshire, so we decided to travel down and meet them there. A wonderful exhibition. This picture doesn’t do it justice; a very difficult photograph to take, as light was streaming in from all sides. But I thought it was worth blipping to give people who are interested an idea of what the exhibition was like.

Lots of us know and love the pictures Gladders delights us with through his journal, but seeing them large and beautifully presented was a real treat. It was lovely to meet Gladders himself and Wifie (no Gus alas as this was not his type of venue). Then the rest of the visitors arrived and it became a grand blipmeet (more of this eventually here and here and elsewhere I have no doubt).

We left them, visited a few more exhibitions, had a lovely lunch at The Wolfhouse and then made our way back home. We were so pleased we had made the trip. A lovely day.

Unfortunately, on the way home we had a real shock. As we drove out of Kendal, a car coming towards us suddenly hit the wall, turned over and skidded on its side across the carriageway. With an amazing sense of judgement in a split second Gordon, instead of braking as would have been the natural reaction, accelerated and we just got out of the way, missing the car by a few inches. We parked up and, whilst I rang for help, Gordon went over to see what he could do. It turned out that there was a lady by herself in the car, but she was trapped inside. Eventually police arrived and they got her out. She was shocked, but unhurt. We gave a statement to the police, as the only witnesses, and then we were on our way. I think it was a while before we got over the shock. Something like that really churns you up. But we were just glad that we got out of the way and the lady was okay.

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