Waiting for Lear

A good night's sleep (as guaranteed by Lennie Henry) and a not too early start. We walked down by the river in the sunshine but were fooled into sitting outside for a windswept breakfast. And then back up into Covent Garden for one or two return purchases. We didn't quite realise that Sunday opening times would be quite so different in that London so we went back up to Oxford Circus for one pair of shoes purchase and then back to a now opening Covent Garden for a second, a pair each.

Then we went back to the South Bank for our lunch before going into the theatre for the main event. And it was absolutely stunning, a brilliant cast, a thoughtful production and line after line which stood out more than I can recall from any other Shakespeare that I have seen. We left the theatre feeling a bit shell-shocked, collected our bags and then back on the tube to King's Cross and home. A lovely weekend not least for the chance of a proper catch up.

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