And Fill My Nights with Song

Day Three without our care giver.

Tooli and I managed to drag ourselves from our beds by 8.15, and without a word spoken between us, got out of the house, showered, fully clothed, and hair styled (and in Tooli's case - made up). Tooli is like her Dad. Not a morning person.

We completed our days' work - this was Tooli's Friday so she was in party mode when she came home. Together, with much debate, we cooked our dinner together and watched Plain Jane.

After dinner, a very nice Chilli, we headed to gran's. She is Doggie Sitting for a neighbour this week, and we offered to take the object a walk for her in the evening.

Lead on, the two of us departed, and got no further than 10 ft, when the object found a packet of trebor mints, in their packet and ate them, swallowed them right over, and none of our efforts, and there were many could rescue that packet.

Once we returned, we headed to the rocks. My favourite place in town. Tooli looked at me and said "what are we doing?" and I said, "you are running up to the top of the hill, and I will stand here and get a silhouette of you".

She looked at me in horror, and I laughed and we toddled up together. It was a gorgeous night and I took a range of crazy posed shots, but this one, of her just watching the sun going down, was my very favourite!

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