The Black Swans Return

The rainy weather blew away overnight and today we had a freezing morning but the rest of the day was sunny with not a cloud in the sky!

We set off early for a walk and were happy to see the return of this lovely pair of black swans in the local pond as we passed by.

The ibis are coming back in huge numbers, you can see some that look like white blobs way in the background here (look in Large for a better view). After work this afternoon we saw about 50 of them writhing around in one of the paperbark trees making a lot of noise and flapping their wings!

Two of them flew away from the group and landed quite near us. I had to restrain Toto from barking as they rubbed their necks together and cackled in an amazing show of ibis love! :)

Big things are going on at the pond!! The light was low and I couldnt get a clear shot, I'll try again tomorrow!!

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