Bank Street, Inverness, at lunchtime. Part of the River Ness flood prevention works.

The fact this film Blip came out okay, spared viewers from the backup Blip of a huge pot of chili con carni cooked tonight, along with a large pot of rice to go with it. Guess what's on the menu for the rest of the week? Did the washing-up and ironing mountains too – most unusually productive tonight. Then again, it's taken me over a year and half to finally upload this way-back-Blip.

At work, modifying (making safe) a piece of kit for one of the other Technicians; till problems at the hairdressing dept.; and much much more.

Northerly winds today – cold on the cycle

Was quizzed about the camera by a pair of chatty Street Pastors, just prior to taking this. Wasn't bold enough to ask them if I could Blip them, and I'm sure that they wouldn't have minded. I always have a problem asking folk for things. Another shot where not quite everything that was in the viewfinder was recorded in the frame. Top of that spire for example.

Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta IV : f/11 : 1/30" : 75mm : ISO100

Film: Kodak T-MAX 100 (B&W negative)

[Frame : 4]

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