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Maud Heath Wine

I have blipped before about Maud Heath, a local hero who is commemorated by a statue at the top of Wick Hill, in the middle of a dairy pasture on a bridlepath above Calne. It marks part of the route where she made her fortune carrying eggs to Chippenham market. She was a market woman and widow of Kellaways nearby, who in the late fifteenth century financed the construction and maintenance of the four and a half mile causeway from Wick Hill to Chippenham to protect farmers and their livestock from flooding from the River Avon.

On Wick Hill, just below the monument, there is now a vineyard, one of only 400 in England and Wales, and which only began a few years ago but has already produced award-winning white and sparkling wines and will produce two or three bottles of red wine for the first time in 2015. The wine can be bought from the New Wine Shop in Calne, just a few hundred yards from my home, and so I thought I should offer my support to this laudable local venture.

Now I just need a suitable occasion in which to drink it!

5.7.2014 (1944 hr)

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Lens: 35 mm Macro

Maud Heath series
Still Life series

Tytherton family celebrates as first batch of home-made sparkling wine goes on sale (Calne Gazette and Herald page)

Maud Heath Vineyard (Official website)

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