By RukungiriSarah

Morning Worship at Watoto East Church, Kampala

Six of us from the two Mission Direct staff teams went to worship at Watoto church this morning. A huge open-sided tent, a wonderful worship band and the latest in church technology combined with a simple invitation to the three or four hundred in the congregation to accept the bread, Christ's body, broken for us and to drink a tiny glass of juice in remembrance of Him. With the minimum of ritual and yet, the greatest of circumspect we took part in this 2000 year old tradition, as I expect many of you did today too.
Nick Morgan arrived from the UK today and the remaining six volunteers for Team 2 arrive tonight, having left Oaklahoma about 2 days ago. So tomorrow the programme will begin. Bryan's Kumi team arrived and they have set off on the long bus journey to Kumi, so won't be in bed till very late.

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