The Sky Team head up the Peloton

We made it to see the Tour yesterday after a lovely walk along Wharnecliffe Edge and across the Chase on what turned out to be a beautiful morning. We decided to watch from the ridge above the road so that we could see the Tour coming down from the opposite hillside. Despite the numerous cars going through asking people to keep back behind the white line once the Tour arrived the crowd surged forward giving the riders little space, and this as they start the Jawbone climb on Oughtibridge Road. I've just watched someone with a camera being hit by a bike on the Cambridge/ London route!

Unfortunately just as they came through the edge of the storm came through with black clouds and cold wind. At least it was blowing in the right direction for the riders. We put on every item of clothing we possesed.

A long walk home for us after waiting three hours for the Tour to arrive - so we were pretty tired by the time we got home. At least the sun came out again so we had a very pleasant walk through fields and back to our car (around 11 miles for the day).

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