The first of our season

... and grown on our allotment. We had them for desert after our evening meal and very delicious they were. They'll start to ripen in abundance from now. I went up to the allotment to reconstruct a cover for our Calabrese plants as they were bursting out of their existing opaque fleece one only to discover that they too were ready to eat (the slugs/ snails had discovered this too) so I cut the three decent ones and we've had one of those with our evening meal.

Earlier I went hunting poppies - I could see them in a field across the valley and as luck would have it the farm lane was a public footpath so I could walk right along to them and look over the wall. As sods law would have it however, I had the ISO setting too high (I thought I'd changed it earlier in the morning), so I've got fields of impressionist poppies. I have played a bit with some of these images and I could make one or two work, but then I picked the strawberries and they just had to be today's blip.

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