Plimsolls and petticoats

By JulieMorrison

An afternoon with Granny

So today I was a bit grumpy because my gums hurt, mummy and daddy brushed them with a tooth brush which was nice.

Then granny came to my house and took me away in her car seat so mummy and daddy could tidy the house.

I got home again at 8.15pm all bathed and in my pyjamas. Granny told mummy how we'd went a walk and that I wasn't that keen on my bottled milk (I like mummy's best) and that I cried when papa was holding me. Granny couldn't stay long because she needed to pick auntie Lynn up from work.

I was very tired when I got home but got mummy and daddy cuddles and then daddy went to work for penny's for a new chest of drawers for my bedroom and our holiday.

I was happy to be home again because I missed my mummy and daddy and they missed me too.

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