Scheveningen Lighthouse

We had a long walk yesterday, and today we had another longish walk. We went from our hotel to the harbour and back, with a stop for a beer next to the harbour. The bar is called Braucafe. I discovered it is not a place where one can just ask for a beer. I was presented with a menu of beers several pages long, may ten pages of beers.

Each beer had a flag next to it showing the country of origin. I was not surprised to see the Union Flag, I was surprised to see St. Andrew's cross, apparently for this cafe Scotland is not covered by the Union Flag, so must have achieved independence.

At a quick glance it looked as though all the Scottish beers come from Brew Dog in Ellon. I ordered what I think was their own home brew.

On the walk to and from the harbour we pass this lighthouse. It was built in 1875 by the Dutch lighthouse designer Quirinus Harder.

The lighthouse is made of cast iron and consists of nine segments. At the foot of the tower is one house for the supervisor and four more for the lighthouse keeper. The original light rotated in a mercury bath, which was replaced in the 1960s by an electrical system.

On the way back in the direction of the hotel we stopped for a light lunch at one of the cafes on the beach.

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