Scheveningen, and no doubt other parts of Holland, are very orange at the moment, and will most likely remain so as long as Holland continues to participate in the World Cup.

I noticed this car down at the beach boulevard this morning. Many people were having their photograph taken next to it, but I managed to find a person free moment. There was also an unidentified (by me) celebrity being interviewed for television nearby. There is a television programme, with many more unidentified celebrities, being broadcast from our hotel every evening when there is a match, which at the moment is every evening. No doubt these people are very famous! A shame I have not recognised any of them so far.

The car is a "Spartan" and indeed it may be quite spartan. Spartan Cars was a manufacturer of kit cars based in Pinxton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, which operated from 1973 to 1995. Never heard of this car either. Not sure I like the appearance, even if it were in a more restrained colour.

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