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Out of This World

For our "stay home day", as E and I refer to our Fridays, we ventured ~30 minutes west with some friends to a place called "Out of This World Pizza & Play" - a huge, solar-system themed kids' paradise that included climbing structures, slides, bounce houses, and pizza-by-the-slice. It was a really fun morning and worth the drive! Here's E, flanked by his friends M and O, coming down the bumpy slide off of the biggest climbing structure.

On the way home from our pizza & play-filled morning, we stopped off at Trader Joe's for groceries. I love Trader Joe's. I don't get there very often, and every time I do, I wonder why it's taken me so long to return. The shelves are filled with tempting items at reasonable prices, and they have kid-sized carts and friendly cashiers who dole out stickers and high-fives to the little ones. It was a painless grocery trip, and now our kitchen is filled with yummy, mostly healthy food.

It's a big night around our house, as A's best friend H is here for a sleepover. This is a much-anticipated event! I'm pretty sure all of the girls' free time at school this week has been filled with making a list of sleepover activities and foods. A put in special requests for dinner tonight (tacos) and breakfast tomorrow (chocolate chip pancakes), and the girls have been happily immersed in imaginative play since H arrived after school. There's a movie on the agenda and, I suspect, a dreamy vision of "staying up all night." We'll see how that goes.

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