Anatole's blips

By anatolebeams

WWII landing craft - Mjóifjorður, Iceland

We adventured out in the rain today (Iceland gets a lot of it) and gawped at the crashing waterfalls everywhere. We explored some of the local fjords down to Reyðarfjörð where we visited the WWII museum there which told the full story of the British invasion and occupation during the war. It was all a jolly friendly affair really but all with the essential objective of keeping the Germans out so they couldn't conduct their Atlantic operations from Iceland. Iceland had just achieved independence, partly due to the nice Germans invading their ruling Denmark so without their sovereign they were suddenly independent. But the Germans had their own ideas, the new Icelandic government didn't want to hand over just yet and the Yanks were procrastinating so the Brits cobbled together a swift but fairly shoddy invasion force and occupation was achieved without a shot being fired. Reyðarfjörð was the eastern base where they spent their time building the base and winter training in the mountains.

Anyway, rather than a picture of a Nissen hut or a bit of museum memorabilia I have blipped a WWII relic from the fjord we are staying in that is rusting gloriously on the beach.

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