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Bowood 2014 #26

This is the 55th blip from Bowood since the beginning of 2013 and I think I have now covered most aspects of it, though I do try not to repeat myself too much, or to get too chocolate boxy - though this is hard given the surroundings. I went wide-angle for this view of the Capability Brown-landscaped grounds.

This visit began at Tractor Ted's were I was slightly surprised to encounter Winnie, as she is usually only borrowed for special events and bank holidays. However, I spoke to Rose, one of the keepers, and learned that the 10-year old girl who owns Winnie had gone on a family holiday for ten days and so Tractor Ted was looking after her for the duration. She comes from Stowell Farm, where many of the animals there come from, which is run by the Candy family. Winnie is twenty years old and has a very gentle disposition.

Being a Sunday it was quite busy in the grounds so I made for the quieter perimeters and found somewhere quiet and shady to sit and read for 40 minutes, with a view overlooking the Lake. I walked back through the House's gardens and ended up having an ice cream at the Temple kiosk at the entrance.

18.7.2014 (1050 hr)

Blip #1325
Consecutive Blip #187
Day #1564

Leaves And Shadows

Lenses: Pentax 12-24 mm, Pentax 17-70 mm, Pentax 55-300 mm x1.4 rear converter

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