Father and Son

Today I saw one flicker gather food from the suet feeder and feed another. Since the one being fed was almost as large as the one doing the feeding, I wasn't sure if it was an adult or a child. Closer inspection revealed that both are males and the one on the right is the child. I took photos as father fed son but they didn't come out very well so I chose this portrait of the two of them together. (Large.) I had another portrait of the father that I really liked, but finally selected this one because it shows both of them.

As you can see it is raining today, not enough to really wet the ground, but cool and refreshing after the recent warm dry spell we've been having. Our calendar has an unheard of day today. It is blank. Completely. This just doesn't happen in our house so it is something to celebrate. So far we've been moving slowly, savoring the lack of required appointments. Soon, however, we will head to the mall where Helena hopes to find some summer clothes in readiness for the next hot spell should one come. It is lovely not to have anywhere we have to go so we can go somewhere fun we'd like to go.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I should be able to do a bit of commenting later today, at least I hope so.

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