... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mr. & The Pigeon

More surprisingly tolerant in large ("L").
(... also shows show surprisingly little the Goosles are, as Mr. is the largest one!)

Mr. was being very tetchy today and hissing at the fledglings when they came near him, BUT he didn't seem to mind this pigeon near him! The Goosles often chase pigeons when they come near, so I was very surprised that he didn't mind this one feeding near him... Here is another shot of it even closer to him...

I was very tempted to blip the curious tufted duckling (the one with a mallard mother, and 4 mallardling siblings) as it was looking particularly punky today.
I have uploaded some alternative Goosle shots and the tufted ducklings shots.
Tufted duckling (right from here):
Duckling and "mother"?
Duckling, mother, and sibling
Tufted duckling diving: 1 & 2

Goosles (right from here):
Fledgling Pilates (and a closer crop showing its stunning plumage)
Mrs. Goosle: Egyptian through and through & flapping
Fledgling portrait (and closer crop showing face detail)

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